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Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Prime Day 2018 fell on Tuesday 17 July well, technically it nailed at midday on the 16th, but Amazon Prime 36 hours doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. This was a little later than usual, though, as it had always previously fallen on the second Tuesday in July. It’s difficult to tell whether this was a temporary move due to the World Cup or whether we can now expect it to fall on the third Tuesday of the month every year, but it will almost certainly fall on either Tuesday 11 or Tuesday 18 July 2019.

The best Amazon Prime Day deals

In 2018 Prime Day was a Bumper, and the 2019 edition will look to build on the success of previous deals. Amazon announced that the top sellers worldwide were its own Echo Dot  and the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote. You might have guessed, then, that Amazon sees Prime Day as an opportunity to boost sales of its own products. Expect to see 2019 deals on the aforementioned Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick, as well as on other Amazon products such as Kindles, Fire Tablets and Prime Video and Music memberships.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Buying Tips and Top Guid

While the discounts are hard to argue with, it's worth diving a little more deeper to find out exactly how much of a discount you're actually gonna get.
Amazon will always make its discounts look as big and flashy as possible, typically showing the saving they're offering against the RRP of a product.  Some of those savings you're getting are not as big as you expect, with prices perhaps only slightly lower than they were the day before.That seems like quite a decent saving. However, on the days leading up to this sale, It's still a good saving, but not quite the half-price deal it might appear to be.

Check the reviews

Reading customer reviews and Expert Reviews will not only let you know whether the product is any good, but it'll also tell you how old the product is, since old products go down in value rather rapidly.
Regardless of the product type, it's worth reading reviews and seeing if there are more up to date, cheaper, alternatives out there before you snap up what you think might be a great deal and offers.

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